Company Vision (refer to Vision Training DVD)

-Richard's Background
-God's Call
-God's Preparation
-Getting Started
-God's Faithfulness

Marketing Backbone
-The definition of marketing: "The management of perception."
NOTE: it is not the manipulation of perception.

The 4 P's:
1. Product
2. Place
3. Price
4. Promotion

Marketing Umbrella
-How some see Marketing: Many see Marketing as just another piece of their business, along with Sales and Customer Service.
-How we see Marketing: It facilitates every point of contact an organization has with their clients. Sales, Customer Service, PR, Advertising, Graphic Design, etc. are all under the Marketing Umbrella, as they all effet how people view the organization as a whole. When you have all the elements under the Marketing Umbrella, then you will really have synergy as a company.

Case Studies
: It is very important to remember that in our Consulting services, we go so in-depth and personal with churches that we absolutely will not publish all we find out about that church. So all inside information is extremely confidential!

-CCHS: High school startup in an area with no other Christian high schools, but many Christian junior high schools. They spent $150,000 with another marketing firm to develop a marketing campaign, and had only 2 kids interested in their school. They called Artistry wanting a tee shirt created, but Artistry said no, and that they needed a new campaign. We came in, did focus groups and discovered that the kids were the only decision makers for what high school they went to, and CCHS had spent $150,000 on marketing to the parents. We helped them market to the teens and they continued to grow.

-The Gathering: A church wanted to create a new contemporary service for their church to try and get younger members. They had already decided on calling it “The Praise Gathering” until Artistry challenged their idea and pushed them to think of their target audience and how to make it easy for the members to bring new people. Once they decided on “The Gathering” and Artistry launched a full campaign to promote it, their ministry grew exponentially.
-Nexlead:A ministry which provides leadership training materials to students. They used to be called “Top Flight Leadership” but when Artistry came in, we challenged them to change their name and brand, launched a new campaign. After that, their sales doubled in the first 6 months.

The Hedgehog: Analogy of the Fox and the Hedgehog.
It is the intersection of three things:
-Our passion
-Our best in the world offering
-Our financial engine

Artistry’s Hedgehog: Brand Development- Helping churches effectively communicate themselves in everything they do. “The essence of Branding is communicating the essence of who you are in everything you do.”

Pillars (Refer to Pillars Document for full descriptions). Everything we do as a company must exemplify these pillars!

-Exemplary Communication: Always strive to over-communicate everything to clients at all times. Never even give them the need to call and ask us questions on timelines, etc.
-Ambiance of inspiring professionalism: Every encounter with clients should be one of professionalism. This includes personal interactions, phone calls, emails, etc. as well as in all products we deliver.
-Truth: Truthfulness is imperative when dealing with our clients’ actual needs. We desire to serve them in the best, most efficient way possible, and we want to cater to the actual need, not the perceived need. Many times the truth is needed, but in a tactful and gentle way.
-Pace-setting: Our heart is to be on the cutting edge in everything we do. Our designs, consulting, technology, and everything the client might see should show that we are pace-setting.
-Deliberate: We should always know where we are, where we are going, and how we will get there. We must be the ones to set the example for churches and organizations who are not commonly deliberate.

What we offer:
Consulting (Refer to Consulting Document for more details)
-Connectivity: examines how effectively the organization is connecting to the target audience
-Branding: fully develops the essence of the organization and how to communicate that in everything
-Promotion: discusses strategic methods of promotion

Brand design: developing the organizations’ “brands” and fulfilling any needed promotional materials (including print, signage, logos, websites, etc.)

Perpetua™: the web technology / content management system that backs all websites we provide. Allows for easy and user-friendly maintenance of website content.

BrandFusion: pre-designed promotional materials

Church Marketing 101, and Seminars

Competitive position: Some companies may be able to compete with us on one level or another. However, no other company is able to compete with us on all the levels of service that we offer churches and ministries!

Vision for the future