In Short, Our Mission:

To be the most effective marketing firm in the world that caters specifically to the Body of Christ. To empower churches and ministries to accomplish their God-given visions. To enlighten and inspire new found vision for reaching the world with the message of Christ. To facilitate powerful and effective communication with target markets and people groups internal and external to the church.
That is: To set the global pace for Christian technology, marketing and design.

Artistry Pillars:

Exemplary Communication:

When we endeavor to create a world where every question is answered for a client beforehand - and they need not call us to ask us when, why or how – at that point, we have successfully and thoroughly communicated. In the eyes of most people, this is over communication—but over communication is what we set as a standard. It ascribes value to the recipient and wraps them in the warm blanket of our desire to service them. When we communicate with a common tone, give updates, call to say “hi”, avoid surprises and explain things in advance, we create a connected partnership and a culture of trust. A tangible goal is to always outcommunicate our clients, giving them more answers than they have questions. Explain the steps. Describe the process. Enumerate the players. Define the timeline clearly. Remember, our goal is to be their example. We need to communicate ourselves and our methods to them so consistently and with such a pattern that they catch on and utilize the same power of communication in their own ministries – creating a pattern of growth born out of a common bond of well-defined understanding. We ultimately will succeed or fail by follow up and follow through.

Ambiance of Inspiring Professionalism:

If we cannot inspire them with who we are, we will not maintain a lasting relationship. This “inspiring professionalism” is communicated in every form of verbal and non-verbal communication that evolves from this office, its staff, its delivery of goods, its invoicing and beyond. When they see an invoice, when they see a box of goods, when they hear an answered call… in each case our standard is that they think, “Man, Artistry is so cool!” The byproduct of this interaction is that it establishes sense of belonging, making them proud to be a part of who we are. There is an intangible quality that makes us approachable and invigorating, causing current clients to feel that they are settling to go anywhere else. We are the pacesetting team. If we do it right, we will inspire others to be like us and make clients proud to be associated with us.


It is our conviction to serve the real need, not the perceived need. Love is tactful but true. We will endeavor to direct our clients and ourselves from the heart of truth, and exemplify the willingness to flow and adjust to needs and desires once truth has been clarified and established. To that end, we will not oversell what someone does not need and we will work to service the Body by directing her rightly, because it costs us more (financially and in our integrity) to do the wrong project, than it could ever cost us to direct a client in the right direction. Our passion for truth earns the respect of our clients and creates the bond for a team that is not easily shaken.


We are in a peculiar position. The church lags well behind the world in technology, design and cultural understanding, yet we cannot. We also cannot afford for the church to remain alienated any further. We must create a bridge for them to the current and ultimately to the future. Our passion to set the pace works in conjunction with creating solutions that are ultimately the most effective for our clients. Therefore, we will not pursue the cutting edge at the expense of effectiveness, but we will rather push harder and harder for our solutions to reach new levels of effectiveness, efficiency and style. We will take risks, we will throw the net on the other side of the boat, we will be avant-garde when it fits. We will be a step ahead of others in our class. The end result is that we are always pursuing fresh cheese, maintaining a place ahead of the game and being sought after and aspired to by the church world around us.


This is another area that we will be forced to exemplify. The church is infrequently deliberate, yet more commonly flippant. To be deliberate is to be like Christ. It takes knowing where you are going and setting your sails hard. It is to make decisions with the short term and long term goals in mind and in tact. Jesus set His eyes as flint toward Jerusalem, Paul was destined and determined to go to Rome. The cornerstone of being deliberate is knowing who you are and knowing where you are going. If we can be this, and help the church be this, we will increase the effectiveness of everything they do. When a church sends out an unplanned, untargeted direct mail piece, they only create a potential response with those who are immediately in “try-out” mode for a church – and therefore leave a flighting impression that might last, but has no value connecting them to you over time. The backbone of being deliberate is defining purpose in everything you do.