Check entering

  • Check for any notes indicating that the client does not have our current address.
  • Always double check that nothing else is in the envelope.
  • Stamp checks.
  • Identify & separate non-hosting billing.
  • Enter in Information to Receive payment.
    • Date: date entered
    • Amount
    • Payment method: "Check"
    • Check #
    • Memo: blank
    • Deposit to: "Undeposited Funds"
  • Verify invoice # and that the check it is being applied to is correct.
  • Separate check from any attachments or accompaniments.
  • Click "Save & New"


  • Click "Deposit"
  • Ignore the first entry "General Journal"
  • Select Checks that are going into deposits
  • Click OK
  • Ensure "Deposit to" is set to Chase Primary
  • Make sure the date is set on the date of deposit
  • All other fields should remain unchanged
  • Click "Print"
  • Select "Deposit slip and summary"
  • Put in white and yellow copy
  • Printer setting correct, number of copies 2 and all other fields remain unchanged.
  • Click "Save & Close"
  • Attach checks and deposit slip (paper clip, do not staple)
  • Deposit
  • Put attachments and receipt in Manilla folder and staple yellow copy to the front.
  • File the folder in chronological order.

Deposit for Cashlinq

  • Go to Record Deposits
  • Add a line
  • Name it Cashlinq
  • "From Account"- Commission Received
  • Enter check #
  • Payment method- "Check"
  • Enter the amount

Check entering for Non-Hosting Billing

  • Go to Receive payments
  • Put name of client in Customer Job Field
  • See if Invoice # corresponds (also look under client as needed).  If you don't see any invoice that corresponds, take to Richard.
  • If it is clear which one, apply as normal to outstanding invoice.

If the payment is for a Fusion project & non Hosting related:

  • Go to Fusion Management
  • Search Accounts
  • Click on Order list
  • Select Make Payment
  • Change amount to amount being paid
  • Select payment method
  • Click OK
  • View Invoice
  • Print Invoice
  • Highlight payment that was received
  • Drop in AE's box
  • Prep check for deposit as normal

Daily Fusion Management Accounting (Client ID, Invoice, Payment)

  • Client Under Accounting: Give QuickBook Id to the field that doesn't have a name in it. If the church is new then you will have to create a QB Id for them.
    • Go under Customer Job List then go to the bottom to the customer job tab. Right click on the customer job tab and select "New". Fill in the Customer field with church/ministry name with no space and then an _ with the city anme at the end. I.e. LittleBaptistChurch_Dallas.
    • Complete the company name field: Little Baptist Church, then fill in contacts first name and last name and bill to address.
    • Click on additional Info tab at the top and de-select customer is taxable and from the pull down menu select "None". Click "Ok" and all information has been saved to QB's.
  • If the client already has an ID (please check in QB before you create a new one) then use the QB ID that is already created and enter into the field. Check the box on the left hand side and hit "Save" at the bottom.
  • Invoice Under Accounting: Give the invoices a 2nd day business tag (to ensure customers to call in with changes if need be) and enter them only after the 2nd business day. I.e.- Invoice was made by customer on the 19th, you will not enter it until the 21st. Enter invoice by going to QB and selecting "Create Invoices". Please make sure Fusion and QB invoice match completely.
  • Payment Under Accounting: Do the day )or day after) that the payment shows up in Fusion Management. Enter into QB by going to apply payment.
NOTE: When the box on the right hand side is not checked that indicates an invoice has not been created. DO NOT apply payment until the box on the right hand side has a check mark.

Receiving Payment for Multiple Items (including non hosting & hosting)

  • Receive payment against all items
  • Deposit as normal
  • If the invoice # was manually created for Fusion then you don't have to do anything.
  • If number is auto generated by Fusion then apply payment in Fusion
  • If it was a custom project then when you apply amount, notify the Project Coordinator with the deposit form to place in Manilla folder, on the left-side, under the Invoice the check was applied to.